VIDEO: Disruption Theory Explained


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Here’s a drinking game…every time you hear someone claim a business or idea is “disruptive” take a shot… [Headlines about Disruption fill the screen]…Actually don’t to that; you’ll definitely die. Businesses everywhere, from those in health care technology to those making dog food and virtually anyone building a mobile app are eager to describe themselves as...

Disney Parks’ Foundational Activity


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Would you like to see a quick visual example of a strategic positioning activity for a giant multinational brand? Really, who doesn’t. Let’s take a look. In just a few seconds this guy is going to demonstrate a key strategic positioning aspect of Disney Theme parks. [Gaston gets a little girl who is crying a free cinnamon bun.] Let’s see that again…Did you catch it? What...

Is your business or industry ripe for disruption?


The term “disruption” continues to be overused in our economy, so defining exactly what it is vs. what it isn’t also continues to be difficult. I offer a basic view of disruption that can help before reading this article, should you need more context. There are two main benefits to understanding disruption. The first is having a better idea of how to be the disruptor. The second is how to realize...

Your Job Descriptions Are Terrible


  It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a small startup or a large established company; your job descriptions are probably terrible. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Businesses and prospects both hate job descriptions Trying to figure out what a job is like by reading through a job description is like reading the outline for a jr. high student’s term paper. It’s a poorly organized, rambling...


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