About the Work

The Strategic Web is focused on Innovation Strategy and Strategic Positioning. Often, my client use digital products such as websites, mobile apps for SaaS platforms to present and enact their strategies and goals. Because of this, my work connects the initiatives that surround the change management of these strategies with the development of Content Strategy and UX / CX strategy.

In order to help my clients I will…

Ask a lot of questions. I ask questions to do far more than provide me with information. I position questions to help clients get to the root of their beliefs. It’s these core beliefs that usually provide the foundation for decisions. Sessions almost always involve an “Ah-ha!” moment.

Define your current strategy. Even if it needs to change, you have to know where you stand. Chances are what you think is your strategy is really something else. Your strategy is not your written mission, values, or purpose statements. Understanding what your true strategy is and what activities attempt to sustain it give you the pivot point necessary to innovate.

Provide a clarity of direction. I feel many consultancies have fallen into a trap off providing too much documentation. Reports with dozens of pages actually obscure recommendations. I keep written and visual documentation to a minimum so it can be easily digestible and accessible. Clarity is profound and potentially life changing. This clarity requires brevity.

Uncover opportunities to innovate. This is my real “deliverable.” Clients gain an understanding of what innovation truly is and how to create the set of self-reinforcing activities that make it possible. Not every client is in a position to innovate immediately. Though every client is in a position to understand how they can. You can’t wait until it’s necessary to innovate to learn how to innovate.

Deliver documentation and strategic management. Once we’ve determined the position and direction of strategies and goals, I’ll work to demonstrate how these can be realized in digital entities through developing Content Strategies, IA, UX, CX and Social Media approaches.

Best Fit Clients

Naturally, every organization can benefit from Innovation Strategy, though I do tend to gravitate to certain types and industries. While there are some outliers, my work usually focuses on SMBs and start-ups. My clients are often too strongly dedicated to one area of the Spectrum and need help with balancing their strategy to encompass more of it. I’ve worked with many industries over the years, but my most common clients end up being in Healthcare, Technology, Tourism, and Non-profit organizations. Each of these industries struggle with implementing innovations. Sustaining or Originating practices are so ingrained that it can be difficult for these organizations to recognize and integrate authentic innovations. I’ve developed a deep understanding of the organizational, financial and market forces for each of these industries and this guides me to provide my clients with a special type of counsel.

About Me

Hi, I’m Scott Hutcheson. I began The Strategic Web in 2015 and have been working in strategy advising for more than a decade prior to that. Much of that work was split between my employment as a strategist in leadership positions at a few agencies in the Nashville, TN area. My agency work began focusing on content and UX strategy deliverables. Eventually, my work with clients expanded to include a broader business and innovation strategy offering. I’ve also spent the past decade acting as an independent advisor on a contract basis prior to founding The Strategic Web.

I developed the Strategic Positioning Spectrum as a perspective on the nature of work and strategic progress. Its reasoning is founded in my personal experiences with clients and the wise counsel of colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. Academically, it relies strongly on the ideas of Daniel Kahneman, Barry Schwartz, Michael E. Porter, Howard Gardner, Kristina Halvorson, Joseph L. Bower and Clayton M. Christensen.

My wife and I live in the Nashville, TN area, but I have traveled often to work with clients throughout the country. I’ve worked with clients overseas too, but haven’t gotten the opportunity to travel to them…yet.

If you ever want me to stop talking about business or strategy, just ask me about my Staffordshire Terrier, Hazel. That’s sure to derail the conversation into an impromptu slideshow of my dog.

You can always find out more about me on LinkedIn.


The Strategic Web is an independent consultancy focused on innovation strategy. I help businesses and organizations develop strategies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and progress out of static practices.

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