Common types of Engagements

Project-based Strategic Change
Most businesses and organizations struggle to implement a new strategy. This isn’t merely because defining and implementing a strategy is difficult (it can be, for sure). It’s also because a new strategy is often developed in the abstract. Too many businesses fail to properly implement a new strategy and decide the strategy was wrong rather than the implementation.

That’s why one of my most popular types of engagements with clients involves the simultaneous work of developing a new initiative or project and using that work to help reveal what a new strategy should be. It might seem counterintuitive, but I’ve seen many organizations successfully understand and implement a new or updated strategic position because we developed it while working on a project integral to their brand.

Much of my work with clients involves digital and creative production. This includes websites, web apps, mobile apps, software, publishing, and other creative production oriented work. My work is certainly not limited to these areas, though I do have more than a fifteen years of experience with those types of projects.

Strategic Alignment and Implementation
This type of engagement is best for businesses that already have a new strategy under development. They often find the real challenge is determining how to align it with their current work and fitting it into their culture. While I use my Strategic Positioning Spectrum in all my work, it’s especially helpful with this type of engagement. We’ll define the right fit of activities needed and determine how they should be implemented and by who. And, we’ll do this while determining how the culture should shift to accommodate the new strategy.

Retainer-based and Project-based engagements
It’s most common for me to establish a monthly retainer for the life of a project or engagement. We’ll base it on an estimated number of hours per month with a flat monthly fee. No complicated billing or time keeping. A retainer is often best for work that will last longer than three months.

I also arrange project-based engagements for more contained, defined work that is likely to last less than three months or have tightly defined boundaries. We’ll still determine a flat fee so everything stays predictable for both of us.


I also offer short workshops to introduce or kick-start strategic and innovation work.

Strategic Positioning Audit Workshop (half-day/$500)
You’ll gain a basic, foundational understanding of your true strategic positioning. Plus, we’ll document where your organization’s activities fall within the Strategic Positioning Spectrum. It’s a great way to get a better idea of where your current positioning stands and start rethinking your strategy and approach.

Innovation Workshop (half-day/$600, full-day/$800)
This workshop takes your team through the basics of the Strategic Positioning Spectrum. You’ll achieve a better understanding of your current strategy and a greater awareness of how you fit into your competitive marketplace. We’ll also uncover some high-level threats facing your business or industry. It’s a strong way to energize your leadership team to specifically focus on innovation strategy.

Travel costs, if applicable, are not included in fee estimates.


The Strategic Web is an independent consultancy focused on innovation strategy. I help businesses and organizations develop strategies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and progress out of static practices.

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