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VIDEO: Disruption Theory Explained


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Here’s a drinking game…every time you hear someone claim a business or idea is “disruptive” take a shot… [Headlines about Disruption fill the screen]…Actually don’t to that; you’ll definitely die. Businesses everywhere, from those in health care technology to those making dog food and virtually anyone building a mobile app are eager to describe themselves as...

Sustaining vs Originating


Work generally falls into one of two categories: Sustaining and Originating. Sustaining makes up the majority of work. Sustaining work includes maintenance operations, as well as iterating products to keep pace with a market. It even includes depreciation practices.

Iteration through the Spectrum


Poor Iteration. Its cousin Innovation continually gets celebrated while Iteration is responsible for most of the day-to-day success of businesses. Plus, many activities and updates are labeled as “innovations” when they are actually iterations of an established product or service.

Authentic Innovation


Innovation is different from Iteration
Innovation establishes something new and distinct from what an organization currently offers. However, it should still adhere to a well defined strategy. Authentic innovation is an uncommon, originating activity that leaps past mere iterative progression.


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