Authentic Innovation


Innovation is different from Iteration
Innovation establishes something new and distinct from what an organization currently offers. However, it should still adhere to a well defined strategy. Authentic innovation is an uncommon, originating activity that leaps past mere iterative progression.

What is Disruption, really?


    Startups everywhere, from those in health care technology to those making dog food, are eager to describe themselves as “disruptive.” All the cools kids are disruptive so they must be too. Authentic Disruption is actually pretty rare. And, true Disruption is usually displaced from direction competition. Often startups or incumbent businesses aren’t even aware they are being...

Depreciation & Destruction


The activities of Depreciation and Destruction are part of the Sustaining set of activities on the Strategic Positioning Spectrum. Unlike other areas of The Spectrum, the defining characteristic of Deprecation is often represented by a lack of change.


The Strategic Web is an independent consultancy focused on innovation strategy. I help businesses and organizations develop strategies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and progress out of static practices.

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