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It’s hard to separate business strategy from digital and content strategy. In fact, I’ve decided it’s not possible.

Content is the one product that every brand must produce.  It is the first product your audiences consume while deciding about your other products and services.

Digital means more that websites now. It’s a landscape, an ecosystem. Your digital presence is no longer an extra for your branding.  Digital media is often the most frequent way your audiences interact with you.  Don’t wander through it without a guide.

Together, we’ll discover how to present your brand and what you offer through a strategic use of content and digital experiences.

My Experience Includes:

  • Strategy and content for 200+ websites
  • Developed user experience creating 1,000+ wireframes
  • Continuous industry work for 15+ years
  • Information Architecture for 100+ websites
  • Completed work for 200+ clients

My services include:

Business Innovation Strategy
This is the core of what I offer. I sometimes use the tactical deliverables you see below to support clients’ business and innovation strategies. Learn more about my innovation strategies on my Offerings page.

Digital Strategy
Websites, mobile apps, social media, marketing automation, email and a host of other mediums and tools make up your digital options. I’ll help you understand the big picture and the smallest details.

Content Strategy
Your messaging, marketing, publications, social engagement, and advertising all deserve to be developed and produced strategically. Let’s determine what you want to say as well as how, where and when to say it.

User Experience Strategy
Much more than buttons and scroll reach, UX Strategy involves heatmaps, user journeys and social psychology. Let’s make sure a page is optimized for peak performance while still considering the Peak/End Rule. 

Social Media Strategy
Your business is boring; your audience is fascinating. That means your audience really only values your brand on a social network for how you fit into their own lives.  I’ll help you be purposeful and successful on these networks.

User Testing
Gut instincts and high hopes only go so far.  With live user testing we can discover how your audience truly behaves and respond to reach them better.  Also, it’s easier and cheaper to do than you think.

Information Architecture
No one starts a building project without plans and blueprints.  The same should go for your digital projects. Do you love figuring out taxonomy models, developing user flows and studying user heuristics? I do.

Content Production
One blank page can be daunting; hundreds can seem impossible.  I’ll help you find writers, determine editorial calendars, and manage production and revisions.  No more blank pages.


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The Strategic Web is an independent consultancy focused on innovation strategy. I help businesses and organizations develop strategies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and progress out of static practices.

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